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 Group Shows

         LA Photo Curator

                  2019 - 'Locomotive Window' : Photo essay in 'Solace' online exhibition : selected by Laurie Freitag, curated by Jody Miller

                               "Today I'm featuring the work of current... - L.A. Photo Curator ...  

          Midwest Center for Photography, Wichita, Kansas

                   2019 - 'Locomotive Window' : Photographic installation in 'Flyover Country' Exhibition curated by Linda Robinson

         Kuchar's Studio 8, San Francisco Art Institute

                    2019 - Video Screening in 'Daily Echoes' Show of ' Locomotive Window' curated by Izidora Leber Lethe 

                                Link to Vimeo

           Lenscratch : Favorite Photograph 2018

                    2018  - 'Locomotive Window : Donner Peak' curated by Aline Smithson

           Osher Lecture Hall, San Francisco Art Institute                     

                     2017 - Video Screening of 'La Enterrada Con Los Ojos Abiertos' curated by Izidora Leber Lethe

                              Link to Vimeo


         Art Photo Index  --- www.artphotoindex.com

                     2017 : Searchable photographers image and info database curated by Rixon Reed


                      2013 - ‘Passing Through’ in Mysteries Dreams and Other Worlds Exhibition curated by Aline Smithson  ---  lenscratch.com

         Diego Rivera Gallery San Francisco Institute 

2008 -‘ Owl & Eucalyptus in a Red Room’ in ACE show
2009 - ‘Honor the Ancestors, Let the Ghosts Go’ in ACE show
RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco : curated by Ann Jastrab
2009 - ‘Illumination’in It's Still Life Exhibition
2010 - ‘Darkness’in Portrait Exhibition
2010 - ‘Trees Dreaming’in Side Gallery Exhibition
2011- 2016- ‘Trees Dreaming’in Marketplace Artists
2013 - ‘Intention’in Geo-Grafica Exhibition, Guatamala City curated by JJ Estrada
One Person Shows
   Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, Ca
   2012 - ‘Trees Dreaming’&'tree dreamings' & ‘Ground of Her Becoming’curated by Lucy Van Sands Seeburg


   People's Photography, Beijing, China

   2013 - 'Trees Dreaming' on paper curated by Yan Li
              People’s Photography Official website Beijing, China

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