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The gift of my camera is play.

    Trees Dreaming

This dance with imagery started when I found myself stuck in my bedroom immobilised by back injury. This is what found me.The only thing moving throughout the day was light. The outside world in shafts of sunlight was coming through my window offering me a way out.

Forced to pay attention I became fascinated using my camera to receive and play with the tree patterned light on my wall. The more I focused the faster it seemed to shift, making what felt like invitations. Small shifts made startling transformations.

Evoked were fables of trees embodying ancestral spirits and my Great Aunt Peggy forced to live in an open box for a year, the cure for Spinal TB early last century. She lay by a bay window in the front of the house and would have been visited by the light. I imagine.


     tree dreamings

One tree, a cypress, one story, left to one's own imagination.

    Illumination and Darkness

Whereas in Trees Dreaming and tree dreamings light and dark come together and merge into their own narrative, Illumination and Darkness allow each element center stage.

Illumination highlights the alchemy of a moment when light transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Darkness explores the intensified presence of black in the company of light.

My intention was color.

Inspired by the interior of my husband's studio: a pool of golden light coming through the chapel window, a tarp flung across a table sprung to life by silver light, warm black darkness at the edges of the room, I admired the sun's seeming lack of intention.

As a child I loved 'coloring-in' books, adding color to existing line art with crayons, pencils and paints. Now I use light and color acetate with photography. Light passes through color, and apparitions are created out of darkness, like images in a cinema or constellations in a night sky.

As children we prayed for the Intentions of the Holy Souls. I recall lighting candles, praying to colored statues in churches colored by stained glass and candle light.

And after church, home to coloring in, stories and wondering.

    Con Los Ojos Abiertos

Many of my art practices ~ photography, gardening, writing, Spanish ~ drew together into a new pattern under the magnetic guidance of the video medium. And a line from Octavio Paz broke open a poem of my own, a wild tarot card. 

    Locomotive Window

A California Zephyr train trip from Emmeryville to Chicago, in a sleeper cabin, through the snows of the end of the year, felt like time travel and resulted in a video which included old family cine film and a photographic installation.






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